“A modern and experimental jazz that manages to be bold without falling into incomprehensibility.”

(Le Jazzophone)

Michel Meis – Drums // Alisa Klein – Trombone // Cédric Hanriot – Piano // Stephan Goldbach – Double Bass

After years of style shaping and sound experiments, the Luxembourg based Michel Meis 4tet is about to make its mark on the European jazz scene with a sonic vocabulary that skillfully blends the traditional palette of drums, trombone, piano and double bass with the fresh approach and the broad musical background of open-minded and fearless musicians. The result is an exciting modern jazz where free and experimental improvisations meet well-crafted compositions. Where a rhythm bursting with energy and vivacity meets introverted and lyrical melodies. Where conventional jazz elements meet a clever and subtle use of jungle beats. Although a true powerhouse drummer, Michel Meis gives enough room for the other instruments to unfold, thus emphasizing the cohesiveness and harmony of the project.

The Michel Meis 4tet is supported by the Luxembourgish music export office music:lx, the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture, the Fonds Culturel National Luxembourg and the Sacem Luxembourg.

Lost in Translation_album cover.jpg

The Michel Meis 4tet’s journey of discovery culminates in its long-awaited debut album, released in January 2019 in the series “Jazz thing Next Generation” on Double Moon/Challenge Records. “Lost in Translation” consists of seven original tracks and a cover of the Depeche Mode song “Heaven”. It’s his everyday life that inspired Michel Meis for this album, which is an adventure that he discovers and shares with his fellow musicians. There’s no black or white, free or structured, but a synthesis of these elements. A play of opposites.

To me, being torn between different options doesn’t mean being undecided, but rather passionately breaking down apparent barriers. Bringing opposites in a dialogue, that is “Lost in Translation”.

Buy/Listen to “Lost in Translation” on http://smarturl.it/lost-in-translation or order cour copy here.